Print your Own Patriot's Treat Bag Topper! For only $3.95 your little sports guy will be happy to hand out this Valentine Treat! Find it at

Send a little ♥︎

DIY Valentines are a great way to put a smile on your kiddo's face, but sometimes store bought Valentines just don't cut it. Especially for boy's that do not want to give mushy Valentines! Here are a few styles in the shop that might work for you this year. Print at home and trim. Target has adorable patterned pencils in the dollar section to add to the pencil Valentines and the "I like you a Latte Valentine" is perfect for your older kiddo who is a little Starbuck's obsessed :)

You'll find the Football Valentines at

Latte and Pencil Valentines also in the Etsy shop link to the right.

Golf Party!

Looking for a quick and stylish party! Our new Golf Party Printables are the perfect way to instantly create your theme. Perfect for a sporty child or adult, they make for quick centerpiece cut outs, food and cupcake toppers and more! Head over to to check them out!

You Mustache a Party!!!

In honor of Movember we added some fun Mustache theme Party printables to our shop. You can click on the link "shop" above to check them out, because you "mustache a party!!!"

Halloween Kit

I wanted to give you all a quick look at our fun Halloween kit. A mix of damask, dots and harlequin mixed with vintage crows, owls, spiders, skulls and More!!! It comes with everything you need to create a sharp Halloween, even spooky library art to add to your frames for that instant foyer table dress up!!! Only $11.95 and you can even use the coupon on the right bar to bring the cost down more. To see the kit just visit the shop button above, or click the link here:

Checkerboard Pumpkins

I'm always loving changing up the look of faux pumpkins. This year I wanted a black, white, and orange Halloween table inspired from my Boo-tiful Halloween Printable kit in Damasks, Harlequins and dots. so I set off to paint a few faux pumpkins checkerboard!!!

I thought I'd share how to make your own using inexpensive faux pumpkins. You just need white, black and gold (or silver) acrylic paint and your faux pumpkin. You can use this same concept for adding harlequin or polka dots the mix. The key is painting all your pumpkin stems gold (or silver) to tie them all together. This is not a quick project, but it is fun when you're done, and the pumpkins will last every year!!!

All you need is some paint and a faux pumpkin. I used the tubes of acrylic paint at Michael's and a small bottle of gold paint (you don't need much gold).

Start by painting your faux pumpkin white. Or use a white pumpkin. Let the pumpkin dry over night as plastic takes awhile to dry.

Next use a black sharpie or pencil to make circles heading down your pumpkin. I spaced mine about an inch part for the small pumpkin and closer to 2" for the bigger one. I eyeballed but you could measure.

Next use the grooved vertical lines on the pumpkin for adding your vertical lines. Make sure you have an odd number of sections before you paint. Mine all had an odd number of grooves. Start filling in every other square with black paint. Next is patience as you fill in all your black squares! Good to do while chatting or watching tv!!!

When your pumpkin is all checkered let it dry, then paint the stem gold. I can't believe how much nicer my faux pumpkins look with gold stems!!! I painted some black, white, and orange pumpkins stems gold as well so they all tie together.

When dry take the pumpkins outside and give them a good couple sprays of clear varnish so they  will be nice and shiny. Now enjoy your new pumpkins!!!

New Blue & Aqua Whale Printables

I'm happy to announce the addition of our new blue and aqua whale printables!!! The kit is available now in our shop. Many of the kit items are not even photographed yet and include matching thank you notes, pinwheel papers, paper cones and Hershey candy bar wrappers!!!

The blue and aqua whale party set gives a modern feel to the standard. Perfect for your next Little Squirt birthday or shower! Many thanks to Cynthia Simonetta for photographing these party items! To check out the entire party kit (only $13.95) simply click on the "shop" link above or head over here:

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